Nov 3, 2010

Ticket Master Challenge is Too Much for Most People

Change is my theme of the moment. I am really struggling with the reality that I can't read small print. And for once it's not about the numbers. It's about the print, or should I say the size of it.  And the poor light. I am now one of those people who, clutching my illuminated magnifying glass, complain that the Guards are getting younger, and that children are running the Banks. 

So, I decided to get a bigger stand at the RDS Art Fair.  You can argue with yourself that this is a non sequitur, and that for some other reason, I  have moved a few feet away from where I said I'd be.  Well, of course you are right, and my bigger spread has little to do with my need for reading glasses and more to do with my love of the grand scale. I am now at stand B7 (it is still at the back left-hand corner).
But some changes do remain constant. And this year again, with a few days to go, it is decided that the Ticket Master Challenge is Too Much for Most People and the RDS has agreed to let people print this email as a valid entrance to the Art Fair.  

So here it is. You will need one separate 'ticket' for each person in your party, but that's it. There are two tickets on this page. You can stop struggling with the passwords and codes and once she's printed the two tickets for you, you can send that nice ten year-old helper on her way.   Or bring her along to the Art Fair,
hope to see you all there,

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