Mar 6, 2010

I love this "nook".. my petite office space on the east side of the house. It gets lovely light as the sun rises - the time I best like to work- and it has replaced decades spent with makeshift desks and drawers made from old crates and doors.  It was a guest room that didn't work... our guests outgrew the bunk bed style double that fitted into this spot I call now my nook. The only bits that don't work is my  filing cabinet that requires two hands to open it, and because I have none, I am open to suggestions on that one! I also  got two very long drawers that I call the "coffin spaces".. They are two metres long, and run the length of the desk, under the keyboard. They are very difficult to open. There is so little space that I could not have drawers under the desk without moving out my chair out of the space entirely.

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Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Mary, thank you for sharing your photos with us. I love the thought of a "nook"! It sounds so cozy. You are an inspiration.

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